Fellow Capsuleer, Welcome to Zansha!

Zansha is more than an entity in EVE Online, we are a community of like-minded individuals who have banded together for support and fun. Our slack community is very active and we are always on the lookout for new members to join us.

Our active corporation in EVE Online is Zansha Expansion [ZEXND], where we are promoting the specialist roles used in pvp engagements. Zansha is primarily a pvp focussed, nullsec entity, backed by a core of Industrialists who can show you the best ways of supporting your adrenaline fuelled tendencies with alternate sources of income outside of the alliance/corporation.





Why specialist roles?

Specialist roles provide various challenges and more excitement than being a standard dps pilot, while simultaneously requiring a shorter amount of time to train into for the most part. It also allows us to stand out within the alliance and keeps the FCs happy, knowing they can count on our expertise in these roles.

We recommend that all our members train into at least 2 specialist roles before training mainline combat ships.

We offer a well stocked doctrine hangar from which you can receive handouts in order to sample some of these roles, along with training as needed. We also offer group activities to help with the funding of your first capital ship if you do not already have one.


Before applying in-game, please come chat to us on our public discord server.

We are looking for pilots of all experience levels who have a primary interest in pvp, and we offer opportunities in large nullsec fleets encompassing all of New Eden, and smaller NPSI SIG’s in both highsec and lowsec.

We have very few requirements, as most of the requirements that rely on in-game mechanics can be trained in time, and we are looking to help you in that process. However, we do take personality quite seriously and provide an inclusive environment free of homophobia, racism, bigotry, sexism, and any other form of personal attack. For more details on the expected conduct of our members, please see our Codes of Conduct.

We do also require all members to train into alliance doctrines so that you can participate in any fleet that is pinged.





Diplomatic Contacts

If you need to get a hold of Zansha’s Leadership, please contact one of the following:

Name Rank Within Zansha Discord Handle
Charlie Dimaggio Director Charlie Dimaggio#4817
GoldLeader Director
Lyra Swift Director Lyra Swift#0607
Stealtooth Slicewind Director
Raylinn Master of Operations